"Princesses: Long Island" Deserves To Be Renewed Because Bravo Owes It To Us

Hear our plea! The first season of Princesses: Long Island has just ended, and Bravo isn't even setting up a Reunion special where the girls can air the same grievances again?

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6. Erica "Hottest Girl in Long Island" Gimbel


It's never really explained why Erica is so well-liked by all the boys on Long Island. From what we see, she's approaching 30, addicted to a few substances and may be suffering some severe side effects from said substances.

What's her appeal? We really need a Long Island boy to explain.

13. Close-ups of the Jeff & Amanda's promise ring


What does the "promise ring" look like????

We have no idea because the camera merely flitted over it each time. HOW DARE YOU BRAVO.

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