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    22 Creative Ideas For Making Something New From Old Books

    I love reading as much as the next person (if the next person happens to be a bibliophile; if not, I love reading MORE than the next person). In any case, sometimes you want your love of books to trickle into other non-reading parts of your life, and here's how you can accomplish that.

    1. Book Page Art

    2. Book Vase

    3. Book Spine Storage

    4. Book Plaque for Hooks

    5. Book Box for Remote Control

    6. Book Bookshelf

    7. Book Charging Dock

    8. Monogrammed Book Decoration

    9. Book Necklace

    10. Book Bowtie

    11. Book Wallet

    12. Book Decorative Jar (Or Shot Glass)

    13. Book Clock

    14. Children's Book Bird House

    15. Children's Book Playhouse

    16. Book Lamp

    17. Book Lampshade

    18. Book Headboard

    19. Book Coffee Table

    20. Book Spine Chair

    21. Book Broom

    22. And if you're ambitious enough... Book ART.