12 Fan-Made Live Action Movie Trailers Of Your Favorite Childhood Obsessions

These are pretty bomb-dot-com parodic live-action movie trailers made by some damn talented fans. My request: can we get one for “Braceface”? I’ve always wondered if Alden would look as dreamy in real life…

1. “Rugrats”

We always knew Angelica was a fucking psycho… But did you know about Phil’s addiction? As the trailer states, CHILDHOOD RAPED.

2. “Captain Planet”

Some really awesome effects for a low budget trailer. Kudos.

3. “Hey Arnold!: The Movie”

“Hey Arnold!” meets “Swimfan” - completely apropos.

4. “Doug: The Movie”

Patti Mayonnaise got sluttay, dayum.

5. “Daria”

Starring Aubrey Plaza. Pretty spot-on casting, CollegeHumor.

6. “Pokémon Apokélypse”

7. “Dora the Explorer”

8. “Thundercats”

9. “Gummi Bears”

“Gummi Bears! Bouncing here and there and everywhere. We are the Gummi Bears!”

Memories, anyone?

10. “Mario Kart: The Movie”

11. “Don’t Wake Daddy: The Movie”

12. “DragonBall Z”

BONUS: “Recess” Opening Credits Remake

Shot for shot. Genius.

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