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People Who Can't Dance Try Popular Dance Moves For The First Time

Moonwalk your way out of your comfort zone and take life less seriously with Captain Morgan.

We invited self-proclaimed "non-dancers" to attempt classic dance moves and then had Liz show us all how it's actually done. 💃

This is Liz. Liz actually knows how to dance. See?

Let's start with something topical: Twerking

Chris: I'm a grown adult by the way.

Maybe something easier... The Running Man?

Jen: Oh, I'm getting this kind of right, aren't I?

Who remembers the Cabbage Patch?

Megan: I already kind of know how to do this.

Time to go a bit Strictly... The Twist

Liz: I like to get low and get high, almost like someone is behind you and you want to show off your ass.

Iván: Oh, I do that all the time.

Strike a pose... Voguing!

April: It's not over! It's not over!

Who remembers when the Dougie was big?

Annie: I'm nervous! I'll wait for the chorus.

Not necessarily as easy as it looks: The Two-Step

Jana: One, two, step. One, two, step. One, two, step.

Definitely as difficult as it looks: Chicken Noodle Soup

Liz: Let it rain, then you clear it out.

Clark: It's all gone.

Who hasn't quietly practiced the Moonwalk in the mirror?

Jordan: My ability level is like, well, if it's like showtunes and drag queen stuff, I'm EXCELLENT. But everything else... I am so bad...

The Pony: Fresh Prince vibes...

Stephane: Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump...oh my god.

And lastly, the Robot

Michelle: This is terrible. I can't believe I'm doing this!

Get down with your bad self and dance like no one’s watching with Captain Morgan.

All imagery by Sarah Stone / © BuzzFeed