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71 Tips For Achieving 100% Chill In 2016

Isn't it time you lived your best life? Brought to you by Captain Morgan.

1. Ditch the five-year plan

2. Stop checking your phone every five minutes.

3. No seriously, stop checking your phone every five minutes.

4. Have a night in for once, you scamp.

5. Write with a red biro.

6. Go to a life drawing class and draw naked people.

7. Tip. ALWAYS tip.

8. Rather than email, actually get up and have an IRL conversation.

10. Push every button in the lift.

11. Beanbags!

12. Unnamed popular web-based TV & film streaming company & chill.

13. Have the fearlessness to post ONLY one-take selfies.

14. Book a meditation class...

15. ...then skip it, because whatever.

16. Order a starter AND a dessert.

17. Blag your way onto a guestlist.

18. Give your hairdresser carte blanche.

19. Ask the waiter to pick your meal for you.

21. Whenever there's a loud noise, don't immediately look to see what it is.

22. Sit in a park for five minutes.

23. Let your phone run all the way down to zero.

24. Wear your PJs on a run to the newsagents.

25. Do that hobby you've always wanted to try out.

26. Do the nerdy thing you've always wanted to do.

27. Wear odd socks WITH PRIDE.

28. Take out a book from the library. Like, a real one.

29. Go play bingo.

30. Leave a group chat you literally never speak in. Abandon ship.

31. Stop pretending to know about things you don't actually know about.

32. (That means that obscure DJ whose mixtape you just said you had.)

33. Listen to a new album out loud, the whole way through.

35. Come to terms with that fact that some things are just scary.

36. Create one of those Vines where it looks like you're doing a magic trick.

37. (Like this one.)

38. Quit trying to understand "vloggers" and just be happy for them.

39. Buy a colouring-in book.

40. Complete that colouring-in book.

41. Maybe then get a dot-to-dot book.

42. Get back into EastEnders.

43. Have the confidence to say NO to salad and eat what you want to eat.

45. Add your parents on Facebook.

46. 5-star every Uber driver. (Because, why not?)

47. Get an eight letter word on Countdown.

48. Be comfortable with being different, not indifferent.

49. Watch Face/Off again.

50. Follow more dogs on Instagram.

51. Take a jumping photo. They do look pretty sweet.

52. Make eye contact with someone on the train. Or the bus. Or the tube. And smile!

53. Try one of the recipes on Great British Bake Off and just own whatever the

outcome is.

54. Set some #squadgoals. Like actual squad goals.

55. Spend less time getting ready and more time having fun.

56. Go sit on some swings and talk about boys. (Or girls!)

57. Have cold curry for breakfast.

59. Spend an entire Sunday afternoon at a cosy pub playing board games.

60. Have a board games evening too.

61. In fact, get a board game COLLECTION.

62. Visit an arcade.

63. Don't feel compelled to conform to the mealtimes society tells you to.

64. Remind yourself why you love where you live.

65. Don't sweat the little things

66. Unfollow any "hate follows" you may have.

67. Don't be afraid to be a bit silly every now and then.

68. Say no to saying no.

69. Identify the flow, and then go with it.

70. Seek ways to go out of your comfort zone.

71. Stop pointing out people with no chill and start pointing out those who have it!

When you take life less seriously, you have more fun! In 2016, choose to Live Like the Captain.