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13 People Just Playing Life On Expert Level

And they didn't even need a cheat code. Time to Live Like the Captain with Captain Morgan.

1. This scientist, with a new invention we can all get behind:

2. This couple, living their best life:

3. These bin-men, giving you serious job-envy:

4. Whoever did this:

5. And whoever came up with this ingenious forecasting system:

6. This guy, who only sees a glass half-full:

7. These guys remembering that life moves pretty fast, so it's important to stop and look around every once in a while:

glad to see the garbage men are letting off steam on the swings - sometimes you have to stop & smell the roses

8. This groundsman, just absolutely nailing it:

9. Although, he's got some pretty stiff competition:

10. This guy, taking a horse to a drive-thru:

11. This skateboarder, who pretty much just nailed a FLAWLESS VICTORY:

12. These swimmers, taking their training outdoors:

13. This fitness enthusiast, who is just owning this whole gym thing:

When you take life less seriously, you have a whole lot more fun! Kick it up to the next level and enjoy Captain Morgan.