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14 Tips To Surviving Valentine's Day Single (As Told By Kristen Wiig In Bridesmaids)

Who said you can't be your own Valentine?

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1. Sleep in, being your own valentine means you can treat yourself.

2. Definitely don’t shave, you’re single remember?

3. Don’t question why you’re single, you don’t need that type of negativity on V-Day.

4. Instead accept that it’s a lifestyle choice.

5. Stay off social media. We get it, he got you flowers, we don’t need to see a pic. #vday16

6. How you want to react when your bff tells you her plans with her bf:

7. But how you should actually act:

8. Don’t compare yourself to her, they’ve been dating for what, a month maybe?

9. Crack open a bottle of wine. Perks of being single: you don’t have to share.

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10. Eat a lot of chocolate, your boyfriend won’t judge you cause you don’t have one.

11. By all means watch the Notebook, that kind of love isn’t real anyway.

12. Drink more wine.

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13. Acknowledge that you had a GREAT Valentine’s Day by yourself.

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14. Then realize you still want a bf for next year...

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