Craig Moody
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    • Craig Moody

      Some of the comments here are disheartening….do any of you realize that this woman was standing up for gay rights 30 years ago, long before there was a GLAAD or LGBT voice in the mainstream? Do you know that she spoke out for gay rights during the AIDS crisis when such a controversial and taboo subject could have certainly ended her career before it even got going to the pace it would eventually take? Love her or hate her for other reasons, but when it comes down to this subject, she is a fearless voice and true pioneer for the gay community. She could have shown up in a gown, blabbed some pre-written kiss-ass speech about Anderson Cooper and been done with it, but instead, she took a risk, made a visual and vocal statement that gained mainstream media attention. At this point in her career, she could easily play it safe and just please the public with what they want from her, but instead, she remains political and unafraid to speak her mind, at whatever cost to her public persona and popularity.

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