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10 Times Nickelodeon Had The Best Comebacks: 2000's Edition

Drake and Josh, The Fairly Odd Parents? Do these shows sound familar to you? Looking back, you may not notice till now that Nickelodeon really had the best comebacks. Or as millennials would call it...savage

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1. That time when Mr. Turner had great dreams.... until Timmy came into the picture

2. When Josh was trying to be nice, then this happens

4. That time Dana Cruz got sick and tired of Logan's attitude / Via

6. goodbye dreams / Via

7. Get with the program Jimmy / Via

8. That time Miranda wanted to be a good friend but had to be honest / Via

9. #bfflgoals #friends4ever / Via

10. Lastly, this part in All Grown Up , where back then we did not understand but now is the epitome of our life. / Via
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