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    Oscar Is The Snow Storm King

    Snow isn't a drag for this disabled dog in a drag bag

    A history of fun in the snow.

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    This was his first snow day with us after he was rescued from dog death row. 1/22/12 This snowstorm had no name.

    So nice to see the trees again. Many died after Hurricane Sandy and were cut down.

    We miss you trees!

    Another storm with no name!

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    January 2013

    It's what's nice about snow, just enough to make everything pretty.

    Serious snowy street style

    Now we have a name! It's Nor'easter Nemo

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    The need for snowflake speed

    Snowstorm Pax

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    February 2014

    It was too cold, (it snowed ice!) for Oscar to go out at night but he did his security rounds in the building and had fun the next day.

    Snowstorm Juno

    Snowstorm Jonas

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    January 2016

    Deep snow meant sled time!

    Life isn't a drag in a drag bag! Oscar does have a great wheelchair so he rocks and rolls too!

    A snow day tip: Read a good book!

    Adopt don't shop!