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    Meet The Hero Dogs Who Save Other Dog's Lives

    Humans give blood, did you know dogs do too?

    Raisin was named the Blood Donor of the Year for the Royal Veterinary College’s Queen Mother Hospital for Animals in Hatfield, Herts.

    Besides saving eight other dog's lives with his blood donations, Raisin, the black Labrador, is also hearing dog.

    Romeo, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, donates blood regularly to the Royal Veterinary Hospital. He has been awarded The Blue Cross Medal.

    Romeo and his owner also visit stroke victims in the hospital to help them heal, and bring comfort to dementia patients.

    Blaze has saved many dog's lives with his blood donations.

    Blaze, center, reunited with two dogs who owe their lives to his donations.

    Rescued Argentine Mastiff mix Ralph overcame crippling fear from abuse to become a Hero blood donor.

    Ralph's donations have saved many including a litter of puppies with parvovirus, and several patients in the Best Friends Animal Clinic.

    Rescue dog Jemmie's blood donation helped a KITTEN to see again.

    Sometimes a donation leads to an adoption! After Hula, right, donated the blood that saved Gunther the rescue puppy...

    Can my dog donate?

    Ideal dog donors would be:

    * Older than 18 months of age

    * Greater than 50 lbs

    * Friendly and social

    * Healthy with no known medical conditions

    Cats can donate too!

    * Older than 12 months of age

    * Greater than 10 lbs

    * Indoor only

    * Friendly and social

    * Healthy with no known medical conditions

    Please contact your local veterinary clinic and hospital to see if your dog or cat can become a blood donor Hero too!