Boogie’s Hopeful Journey To The Super Bowl

Boogie Gets Happy along with a lot of other Angry Viral Video Stars! One man’s journey to the Super Bowl in his own words. All you need is some rage and a dream. Oh and a lot of “likes”! Break a leg Boogie, I mean Xbox!

1. “Stories about Los Angeles, Commercial Shoots, and More!”

“If I can do what I did this weekend, you, sir or madam, you can achieve anything… If I can pull this off against the odds, the sky’s the limit.

2. “Rambling about Super Bowl Commercials, and more!”

“I went out to LA a couple weeks back and that commercial is now live! If you like it view it a few times.. there is a small chance if it performs well on the internet, they may go with this spot for the Super Bowl. So my fat smiling toothless grin, could be on your big screen during your Super Bowl party!”

3. The Original!

4. Come On Get Happy!

The “Sunny Side” VW Super Bowl Commercial

5. Some of the Stars: eHarmony Cat Gal

6. Sad Packer Fan

7. Phil Davidson

8. Winnebago Man

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