10 Reasons To Love The Blobfish

Grumpy Cat? Meh. The Blobfish has been grumpy since way back in the Devonian Days! Call him a fathead and he’ll retort, “That’s Psychrolutidae to you good sir!”

1. Their Classic Good Looks

2. They are Ready for their Close-up Mr DeMille

3. Fun Fact: They are Full of Gas and Eat Whatever is in Front of their Face

4. Fun Fact: They are Fish but cannot Swim

This documentary seems to imply they are ticklish too!

5. This Girl is their Number One Fan!

6. Listen as this Angsty Guitarist Extols their Virtues in Song

Skytown / Via youtube.com

7. I think that’s just a Given

But that just makes you try harder! Or not.

8. They Face Life’s Challenges just like You and Me

9. They Dream the Impossible Dream

Behance / Via behance.net

Barry The Blobfish

10. Do Good, Feel Good, Save the Blobfish!

Give our blobular friends a chance at life full of many years of grumps under the sea! Sign the petition “Stop Trawling to Save the Blobfish

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