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People Are Divided On Whether Or Not These TV Recastings Worked Out For The Better

No matter how many times I rewatch PLL, I am shocked when I see old Jason

1. Jake T. Austin played Jesus Adams-Foster in Season 1 and 2 of The Fosters. He later exited the show after the Season 2 finale, explaining that he wanted a "more substantial part" in a series. He was replaced by Noah Centineo.

2. Parker Bagley appeared as Jason DiLaurentis in a couple episodes for Pretty Little Liars. But as the character's development grew, the role required a more seasoned actor, so he was replaced by Drew Van Acker.

3. Ed Skrein originally played Daario for three episodes in Game of Thrones, only for the character to be recasted with Michiel Huisman. Skrein said he reasons for the GOT recast were "political."

4. Anita Barone played Ross' ex-wife Carol for one episode before leaving the show for a "more regular gig." She was replaced by Jane Sibbett.

5. Claire Foy started as the actor portraying Queen Elizabeth II from the timeframe of 1947 to 1964. But The Crown's creators felt that she looked less like aging Elizabeth, so Olivia Colman was casted to replace her.

6. Jane Levy played Mandy Milkovich for five episodes in Season 1 before exiting to lead in a series of her own. Her character was recasted by Emma Greenwell from Season 2 till the series' finale.

7. Ross Butler was the original actor to play Reggie in Riverdale, but left to focus more time on his part in Thirteen Reasons Why. From Season 2 and on, Charles Melton plays the character.

8. And Shannon Cochran first appeared as Pam's mom Helene in a Season 2 episode of The Office. Linda Purl revealed to be her recast for Helene's next episode in Season 6 and on. Cochran was recasted due to her being in a theatre contract at the time.

Which recastings ruined a show for you and which ones actually made the character better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!