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If You’ve Negotiated For These 9 Things Before, You’re Persuasive Enough To Ask Your Boss For A Raise

You’ve been getting ready for this moment since childhood! Does this sound like you?

1. As a kid, you had record-breaking sales at your lemonade stand.

2. As a teenager, you successfully negotiated a later curfew with your parents.

3. When you used to babysit, you charged per child instead of per hour because you were so in demand.

4. In school, you were always hounding the teacher for ways to get extra credit.

5. You've talked your way out of a speeding ticket before.

6. You've never paid the sticker price for a car.

7. You always get a free coffee with your bagel because you've become BFFs with the cashier.

8. You somehow got your mother to speak to your aunt again after a long-running dispute over something nobody even remembers.

9. Your S.O. can never stay mad at you for long because you're so dang likable!

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Negotiating a raise isn't exactly a science, but getting the CMA can be the best way to keep your salary growing.