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Listen Now, "Friends" Wasn't Always Accurate Or Perfect, But These Were 19 Times They Really Nailed What It's Like Having Friends In Adulthood

We all wish we had friends like them TBH.

1. That time Rachel had an eye infection and the whole group worked together to make sure she used her drops.

2. When the whole group helped to look for Marcel after Rachel lost him.

3. When the group came together to support Ross at his museum benefit...for the most part

4. How they came together for Ross when he broke up with Emily

5. When Joey showed Ross how to be unemployed

6. When Phoebe and Joey tried to set up Ross and Rachel because they knew they belonged together

7. How Monica taped oven mitts to Phoebe's hands so she wouldn't scratch her chicken pox

8. When the girls came together and supported each other when Monica moved in with Chandler

9. How Monica and Phoebe supported Rachel when she found out she was pregnant

10. The group's concern for Monica after Phoebe's haircutting miscommunication

11. When Phoebe did anything she could to give Monica the best engagement present

12. How Phoebe did her absolute best to teach Joey to speak French... and then later saved him from disappointment at his audition

13. When Joey surprised Chandler with new furniture

14. When Chandler and Rachel helped Ross (unsuccessfully) move his couch

15. How the gang found a way to have fun in a sand-flooded beach house

16. When Ross did anything he could to save Phoebe's relationship with Mike

17. When the group helped Rachel with her resumes

18. The pure joy of Rachel and Phoebe scaring Ross

19. Or literally anytime they pranked each other...

Friends are the best!