14 Chandler Bing Moments From "Friends" That'll Never Get Old

    He is not blah, he is a hoot!

    1. When he didn't know how to smile for his engagement picture with Monica.

    2. When he lost his patience while helping Ross move his couch.

    3. When he had way too much fun hitting the tourist spots in New York City.

    4. When he handled his breakup from Janice like a champ.

    5. When he was extremely bored by one of Ross' stories.

    6. When he dressed up as The Velveteen Rabbit for Halloween.

    7. When he was truly the King of bubble baths.

    8. When he struggled to quit the gym.

    9. When he thought he broke Joey's recliner, Rosita.

    10. When he comforted Rachel the only way he knew how.

    11. When he showed off his spectacular dance moves.

    12. Except for the times that he uses humor as a defense mechanism.

    13. When he played Ms. Pac-Man all day and his hand suffered because of it.

    14. And when he tried to win Janice back by being his true self.