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  • Ambivalent Trees (Short Film)

    This is a school project for us to create a short film that includes war as a factor of it. In this project I tried to capture narration much like Terrence Malick’s. A war is going on overseas, a war big enough to force America to reenact the draft. Arthur receives a letter ordering him to report for induction. Conflicted, he tells his friends individually, all giving him their own perspective of war. Directed and Edited by Matthew Li Written by Matthew Li and Victoria Vazquez Production Design by Victoria Vazquez Cast: Juan Pena Victoria Vazquez Mekail Shah Annette Tolentino Joel Pompa

  • Cinematic 2012

    Happy Holidays everyone! :) It’s been a long year with tons and tons of surprisingly good and disappointingly bad films. Including some that everyone knew would be good like The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Moonrise Kingdom, Life of Pi, Skyfall, and Zero Dark Thirty. But this year we also had plenty of surprising amazing works including The Beasts of the Southern Wild, Safety Not Guaranteed, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Ruby Sparks, and Looper. Hopefully this year in movies was as good to you as every other year has been, and hopefully 2013 will bring us more great memorable motion pictures. List of music used: “Outro” by M83, taken from the album ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’, remains courtesy of Naïve Records, ℗ 2011 “Miss You” by Foster the People, taken from the album ‘Torches’, remains courtesy of Columbia Records, ℗ 2011 “Oh Hey” by The Lumineers, taken from the album ‘The Lumineers’, remains courtesy of Dualtone Records, ℗ 2012 “Six Weeks” by Of Monsters and Men, taken from the album ‘My Head Is an Animal’, remains courtesy of Universal Music Group, ℗ 2011 “Tears are Becoming a Sea” by M83, taken from the album ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’, remains courtesy of Naïve Records, ℗ 2011 ‘Cinematic 2012’ is a non-profit project made solely for entertainment purposes, not aimed at breaking any copyright law nor harming any industry. No monetary gain is relevant for any of the parties involved. All rights to all material remain courtesy of their respective owners, none of which were involved with or notified of this project.

  • My Little Superman

    Rainbow Dash - Supermare/Clark Kent Fluttershy - Lois Lane Iron Will - General Zod Shining Armor - Jonathan Kent Princess Cadence - Martha Kent Princess Celestia - Jor-El Princess Luna - Lara Lor-Van

  • Twi: The Great And Powerful

    Twilight Sparkle, a magician from Kansas, gets sucked into the world of Equestria and is forced to defeat the wicked witch. Twilight Sparkle - Twi Princess Luna - Theodora Princess Cadence - Evanora Princess Celestia - Glinda

  • Youth Vote 2012 - YOVO Campaign This video was produced by the Youth Cabinet of America, a non-partisan grassroots organization led by high school students. The YCOA is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to youth awareness and engagement in the political process. We lead voter registration drives, launch campaigns, and produce and direct videos that connect youth to the political process. We all have a voice and when we come together we can bring about extraordinary change. Our motto is that the youth are not just the future. We are the here and now, and with 45 million eligible voters we will not sit on the sidelines. For Media Inquiries: Please contact the Founding Director, Kevin Froner

  • mylittlepony

    Les Mareables

    The tale of the Equestrian Revolution. Applejack - Jean Valjean Rainbow Dash - Inspector Javert Twilight Sparkle - Fantine Rarity - Older Cosette Sweetie Belle - Younger Cosette Spike - Marius Pontmercy

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