The Numbers Of Super Bowl XLVII

It’s all come down to the Ravens vs 49ers. Winner takes all. Here’s a look at the numbers of what it takes to plan a Super Bowl. Like our article? Follow us online @ClotureClub.

1. The Tickets

You’re going to spend some cash - a lot of cash - to attend the Superbowl. Tickets are selling for the low low price of $1600 to $325,000 for a 30 person suite!

2. Halftime Show

Like all halftime performers, Beyonce will make $0 dollars.

3. Super Bowl Ads

The average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad in 2013 is $4 million.

4. Snack Time

Last year, an estimated $1 billion+ was spent on food. $184 million on potato chips, $40 million on pretzels and, for the health conscious, $12 million on rice cakes. If Americans can do one thing well, it’s throw a big Super Bowl party.

5. Payout

Aside from worldwide fame, a big ring and the famous Lombardi trophy, Super Bowl winners also receive $83,000!

Don’t feel too bad for the Super Bowl’s losing team. Each player will receive $42,000.

7. Stimulate the economy!

An estimated $434 million will impact New Orleans.

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