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The 8 Types Of Subway Riders We Love To Hate

Everyday many people ride public transportation. We have all been guilty of these titles but it's time to call some people out!

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6. The Packer

This rider will push his or herself into a metro when it is clearly packed. He/She cannot wait one minute for the next train and instead decides to risk a limb to smash into a packed Metro car.

4. The Multitasker

We admire the ability to multitask and we hope you are able to explain this very useful skill in a job interview. But please shave your face/legs, clip your finger nails, and change your pants prior to departing your residence. Unless it’s no-pants day, in which this is acceptable and we applaud you.

3. The Pole Rider

When you spoon the pole or hug it like your first-born, no one else can use it, and short people who can’t reach the stupid little straps along the top bar start falling like domino's. This affects everyone.

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