16 Lessons Learned On The Campaign Trail

As we all recover from the recent election cycle, collaborators of Cloture Club put together a list of the lessons we all learned from the campaign trail.


Everyone hates being called 40 times and reminded to vote


…It especially sucks when you call a dead person’s number


You know it’s bad when you get excited to go door-to-door just to get out of phone banking.


Every campaign has that one guy… you know the guy who hovers around and yells at volunteers to keep calling. Then proceeds to his room to gchat with his friends.


Dogs enjoy new friends….


Approaching potential voters in their driveway causes immediate awkwardness.


Much like jail, there is a currency exchange with food, swag and hand warmers.


No matter how much planning has been done, the night before the election the campaign turns into a Mad Max Thunder Dome movie.


You know it’s bad when you’re on a first name basis with the pizza delivery guy.


The war room becomes a daycare center for volunteers’ kids.


A cold/flu can spread through the campaign team like a wild fire.


The candidates spouse is the most important person on the trail. Period.


One volunteer always thinks they’re “buddy-buddy” with the candidate when in reality the candidate doesn’t even know the volunteers name.


Sign waving only leads to middle fingers.


Someone always gets too drunk at the election party. Stay away from them.


After it’s all done with, you’ll never want a slice of pizza or a powdered doughnut again.

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