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    15 Personal Hygiene Products Every Girl Must Own

    Wanna be a goddamn queen? Well, you gotta stay fresh and clean!

    1. It's dreadful going to public washrooms hoping there will be toilet roll in there. But when you've got these Natural Intimate Wipes, those worries can fly right out the window - ₹260 (pack of 4)

    2. You can never have enough pocket tissues, whether to clean some spilled food, to wipe off sweat, or even lend some to a girlfriend in need - ₹99

    3. Using a condom is literally sexual hygiene 101. To keep your lady parts happy down there and to avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases, make sure you use them - ₹475 (set of two packs)

    4. Just like our hair and body needs washing with soap, so does the vajayjay in order to maintain the perfect pH balance and, most importantly, not be stanky af. This vaginal wash does the job perfectly - ₹300

    5. If you're prone to discharge, there's nothing to be ashamed of, sistteerrrr! Use panty liners to avoid soiling your pretty undies (because let's be honest, lingerie is expensive af) and to be nice and dry down there - ₹168

    6. Another thing that should be a part of your hygiene checklist is to have pads on you at ALL TIMES, because you don't know when mother nature will come knocking on your doorstep - ₹306

    7. To be able to dispose of your sanitary pads or tampons in a hygienic and orderly manner, this pack of disposal bags is honestly just what you need, and it's so friggin convenient - ₹250

    8. These odour-neutralising biodegradable disposal bags are something that you can buy in bulk and keep at home for your monthly needs - ₹537 (pack of 3, 150 bags)

    9. If you're a heavy-bleeder and sleep in absolute attention at night in order to not stain the bed or your sheets, these overnight panties will come to your rescue. We really need more genius inventions like these - ₹540

    10. The menstrual cup has been an absolute game changer and has worked wonders for many. Sure it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we suggest you to give it a try at least once. The best part is that it's reusable - ₹733

    11. If you own a menstrual cup, sterilisation for the same is extremely important because we don't want no infections down there! This steriliser kills up to 99% germs and bacteria, leaving it perfectly disinfected and ready to reuse - ₹2,105

    12. ATTENTION! Every woman – I repeat, EVERY woman – needs to have this travel-friendly intimate hygiene foam to keep your nether regions fresh as a flower - ₹279

    13. Let's admit it, you're not always going to have access to water and soap when you need to wash your hands after they're soiled. That's when this hand sanitiser foam will work its magic - ₹169

    14. And don't get me started on how handy face wipes are. Sweating? Use a wipe. Oily? Use a wipe. Want to feel fresh? Use a wipe? Just bored? Use a damn wipe! Face wipes are a girl's holy grail, fo sho - ₹170 (pack of 2)

    15. And let's not forget that it's important to always smell good. In order to lock out the odour from your armpits and sweat prone areas, a glide of this roll-on is all you need - ₹148