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    14 Essentials Every Woman Should Have In Her Bag

    Being self-sufficient is key!

    1. Staying hydrated is important for your body. Why not do it in style? Carry this cool bottle in your handbag and drink up – ₹129

    2. When you don't have the time or bandwidth to wash your face, wet wipes will come to your rescue to clean the sweat and grime off you - ₹130

    3. You never know when you might end up with a shoe bite or simply wound yourself when you’re up and about. Carry band-aids with you to be safe - ₹20

    4. When you want to tune out from the world or simply entertain yourself during your boring commute, don’t forget your earphones at home - ₹599

    5. The unsung hero of the hour has to be safety pins. A broken bra hook, the snapped strap of a top, cleavage kavach... It’s versatile in many ways and needs to be a part of your life - ₹133

    6. Tissues for some serious issues. Jk, carry pocket tissues with you in case you spill some pani-puri or ketchup on your clothes, or if you’re generally clumsy in life - ₹99

    7. Use a lip balm to keep them moisturised and soft at all times - ₹120

    8. Get a portable charger to avoid being disconnected from the world at any given point of time. Aur agar Mummy ka phone nahi uthaya, toh vaaat - ₹899

    9. To tame those precious locks, carry a small comb on you, always - ₹135

    10. "Kitaanu ka 99.99% safaya" with this hand sanitiser, in case you need to clean your hands when soap and water are not options - ₹59

    11. Pehchaan kaun? In case of any unforeseen circumstances, carry your IDs in this card holder (Or, you know, if you just always look underage) - ₹499

    12. Ka-ching! The holy grail in any bag has to be your wallet, and this one is just the perfect size to carry your cash and receipts - ₹1,099

    13. Tampons, because we should be well-prepared no matter when Mother Nature comes knocking at our doorsteps - ₹146

    14. Last, but definitely not the least, carry pepper spray with you at all times to always stay protected and kick ass - ₹249