11 Things To Bring For The Perfect Insta-Date

Is it errands or is it a date? These things turn every moment into a romantic date! Brought to you by Clos du Bois Wines.

1. One extra-long noodle

Everett Collection / Via Shutterstock

It doesn’t matter what you’re eating! Add one long noodle to it for a romantic touch. Pizza? Needs a noodle. Ice cream? Noodle it.

2. A scavenger hunt list

Kelly Teague / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 7567658@N04

Grocery lists are boring. Scavenger lists are fun. Turn your grocery list into a scavenger hunt and it’s not a chore, it’s a date! “How fun is this date? Next stop: Produce aisle.”

3. Red lipstick

Alina Cardiae Photography / Via Shutterstock

Turns “Oh! We’re just hanging out, totally low-key,” into “POW. SEDUCED.” Works for both men and women.

4. A portable fire pit

Drinking wine becomes ultra romantic in front of an open flame. If the fire pit doesn’t fit in your bag, get a bigger bag.

5. Waterless toothbrushes

Not for you, for your date. As they are talking, slowly push the toothbrush into their mouth. Don’t break eye contact. Hot.

6. Fancy cheese

Coffee at Starbucks? Add fancy cheese, and it is a date.
Babysitting your sister’s kid? Add cheese. It’s a date.
Cleaning your bathroom for the first time in months? BATHROOM + CHEESE = DATE.

7. A fedora

cesar bojorquez / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: uncut

AKA the hat of LURVE.

8. A black ring box

Nothing amps up the excitement (and anxiety) of a marathon of MasterChef Junior like the threat of an unexpected proposal. Perfect for a second or third date!

9. Ranch dressing

Brent Hofacker / Via Shutterstock

Having ranch dressing handy shows you have impeccable taste.

10. A flash mob

Matt Dames / Sony Pictures Entertainment / Via Getty Images

Instead of planning a flash mob, you could just take credit for one you stumble upon. Walk into the middle, smile, and then hand your date a rose.

11. Michael Bublé

Brian Killian / Getty Images

Not a Michael Bublé CD. Not a Michael Bublé playlist. Michael Bublé. Is it a high bar? Yeah. But he is irresistibly romantic.

Please enjoy our wines responsibly. Clos du Bois, Geyserville, CA

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