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We Asked 6 Wildly Talented Artists To Draw How Cleaning Feels

Spring cleaning with Clorox is just so oddly satisfying.

Cleaning is a lot like painting, but instead of a brush you use brooms, wipes, and sponges — and the dirty surfaces are your canvas. Okay, so they're a little different, but cleaning is an art form of its own. Here are six different designers' artistic interpretations of how it ~feels~ to craft the masterpiece that is a mess-free home.

Sometimes, cleaning feels like you're opening a portal to your soul...or seeing your reflection on the counter.

Cleaning doesn't just get rid of the mess in your home; it declutters your mind too.

Not only will cleaning make your place look great, but you'll have a sparkling floor to nap on when you're done, too.

Cleaning your stuff is like giving it a bunch of tiny, little kisses, but in more sanitary and much, much, much less creepy way.

Yeah, surfing and skateboarding are cool, but cleaning? You better believe it. After all, would a rubber ducky rocking shades steer you wrong?

A nice, thorough cleaning is both the hero the kitchen deserves AND needs right now.

Have yourself an oddly satisfying spring cleaning with Clorox.

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