10 Gross Things Parents Actually Do For Their Offspring

Think you’re alone? You’re not. If these labors of love don’t make you appreciate your parents, nothing will. Parenting will always be gross, but with Clorox, it’s far less disastrous.

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What parent hasn’t had to catch a vom in order to save a sofa?

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A necessary precaution in order to prevent far, far worse public displays.

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The ultimate act of sacrifice.

Pavel L Photo and Video / Via shutterstock.com

Poop arrives when it will, and poop waits for nobody.

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Because at least you know where your saliva came from.

JPC-PROD / Via shutterstock.com

Parents aren’t afraid to take on these pesky insurgents.

photomak / Via shutterstock.com

Just like birds, parents are careful to ensure dinnertime is safe.

ievgen sosnytskyi / Via shutterstock.com

Is there really any point when you’ll be covered in bodily fluids soon, anyway?

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Things can get serious in there — they need an adult’s expertise.

photomak / Via shutterstock.com

There is truly no love like a parent’s love.

There’s no job as messy as parenting. But there’s no job as rewarding, either. Head to Clorox’s website for more proof that you’re not alone and enjoy the fun side of mess.

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