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13 GIFs Of Kids Only A Mother Could Love

Let's face it: Kids are adorable, walking disasters. Raising them can be a messy job, but thanks to the cleaning power of Clorox, we can laugh most of them away.

1. Parenting in one poignant GIF:

2. He had a full three seconds to direct it elsewhere:

3. They call this a "double whammy."

4. This kid's antics horrified even the youngest of onlookers:

5. Who still wants a slice of cake?!

6. Nobody. Nobody wants a slice of this cake:

7. Really? Throwing caution to the wind in the whitest shirt ever:

8. Babies — the other kind of window cleaner:

9. This boy's mom loves him enough to bake him a delicious cake and then laugh as it's destroyed:

That's a lot of love.

10. The road to independence is long and very, very sloppy:

11. This poor boy's trials are a great metaphor for life itself:

12. At least this kid is trying to clean up his own mess:

With the help of some furry friends.

13. This little guy slightly misunderstood the term "go potty":

If nothing else motivates you to keep your toilet bowl clean...

Not only do kids have a knack for making a mess, they have a knack for making it hilarious. For more laughs, check out Clorox's website and enjoy the fun side of mess.