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10 Facts That Prove The World Is Grosser Than You Think

You might want to quarantine yourself after this one. It's a scary world we live in. But while it's impossible to escape ick, you can at least laugh it off with Clorox.

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1. The FDA allows for at least nine maggots and 74 mites in every 3.5 ounce can of mushrooms.

Mmmm. Mushrooms.
Dario Lo Presti / Via

Mmmm. Mushrooms.

2. Adult human mouths contain approx. 700 types of bacteria.

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3. According to the Water Quality and Health Council, 1 in 5 Americans admits to peeing in the pool.

Zina Seletskaya / Via

4. Whale vomit is a popular ingredient in perfumes and is considered very valuable.

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5. The average person sheds up to 40 lb of dead skin in a lifetime.

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6. The average kitchen chopping board has around 200% more fecal bacteria on it than the average toilet seat.

Slawomir Fajer / Via

7. There are tiny little bugs living in our eyelashes.

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8. Flushing your toilet with the lid open sends a spray of bacteria shooting up into the air, where it could settle on your toothbrush.

Always flush with the lid closed and hide your toothbrush!
Andrey_Kuzmin / Via

Always flush with the lid closed and hide your toothbrush!

9. Many bagels and bread products contain L-Cysteine, which is made from human hair.

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10. Our sinuses produce over one liter of mucus every day.

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