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13 Adulting Tips For A Clean Home That Will Impress Your Parents

Just because you're on your own doesn't mean you know how to "adult." But you can trick your parents into believing you do during their next visit by cleaning your home like a grown-up. Make sure you have Clorox Bleach for a very adult cleanup.

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2. Clean your walls (for once) with a mop and a standard cleaner:


Chances are you've probably (definitely) never actually cleaned the walls in your home, but doing so will really impress your folks!

9. Dust horizontal blinds with a lonely sock:

Sini?a Bota? / Getty Images

You always have single socks anyway (amiright?), so put them to good use cleaning an often forgotten area.

12. Whiten your yellow pillows in the laundry:


White pillows can get discolored even if you regularly change your pillowcases, so your parents will thank you for taking the time to clean them if they stay with you!

You may not think of yourself as an adult yet, but with Clorox Bleach, you can at least clean like one!

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