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13 Things Only Abuelitas Say

Abuelitas are wise. They seriously have a perfect answer for everything. These quotes are brought to you by Clorox, your answer for cleaning and disinfecting during cold and flu season, but the advice is 100% abuelita’s.

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4. When your crush didn't show interest in you:

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You should be picking the perfect man for you, not settling for someone who may not appreciate you. — She made you feel like the prettiest girl on the planet.

8. When you ask her for advice on rekindling a relationship:

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Stay away from reheated chocolate or rekindled love, because they don't taste the same. — It's time to move on.

10. When you wonder if a person will ever act differently:

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A person's traits are hard to change. — So don't waste your time trying to change people.

Abuelita's advice definitely sticks. Make sure germs don't with Clorox.

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