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Paid PostMay 10, 2014

12 Things That Are Totally Different When You Have Kids

Nothing is the same after you become a parent. Mostly there's a lot more love and a lot more mess. Here are just a few examples of how life changes after kids, courtesy of Clorox.

1. Movie Nights



Before: Rom-coms or action flicks (depending on whose turn it is to choose).

Now: You're watching cartoons. Again.

2. Birthdays


Nagel Photography

Before: Cake!

Now: Cake! All. Over. Everything.

3. Accidents

Monkey Business Images


Before: A mistake, usually involving two cars.

Now: Something that happens 3 or 4 times a day, usually involving bodily functions.

4. Art

Shots Studio

Serhiy Kobyakov

Before: Beautiful, detailed works — best viewed in a gallery.

Now: Finger painting. Sometimes on your child's face.

5. "Late Nights"



Before: They're all a blur, but definitely feature liquor and seeing the sun come up on your way home.

Now: You're still watching the sun come up, but instead you're cradling your screaming newborn with half-open eyes.

6. School

Dragon Images


Before: Thank god that's over.


7. Vomit

Blaj Gabriel

Before: Something that happens occasionally when you're sick or have had too many drinks.

Now: Something your kid does on you at least once a day.

8. Stress


Suzanne Tucker

Before: Something you feel when you go over your monthly budget.

Now: Something you feel when you see your child crying.

9. Sleep


Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley

Before: You'll sleep when you're dead.

Now: "What is sleep? Am I dead?"

10. And Dinner

Kamil Macniak


Before: Wine and pasta.

Now: Disaster.

Life is totally different when you become a parent. It's more enriching, more stressful, and very unpredictable. But one thing's for sure — there'll be mess. Visit Clorox's website to enjoy the fun side of ick.