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    13 Times Derek Made "The Good Place" 100 Times Funnier Than It Already Was

    "Goodbob. I hope we same place again very now."

    1. When Derek mistook a wall for Michael.

    NBC / Via

    "Hi, I'm Derek. You must be Mic— Oh, okay. That makes more sense."

    2. And when he mistook Michael for... Klichael?


    Good enough, I guess!

    3. When he introduced himself to the gang.


    So close, buddy! If you'd just ended your introduction two letters earlier, you would have nailed it.

    4. And when he introduced himself again... to a plant.


    He doesn't just introduce himself to the big boss and ignore the little guys.

    5. When Janet disclosed that he, in fact, was a rebound guy.


    6. When he proved that he and Janet were a match made in Janet's void.


    They're so dang compatible that they can finish each other's Derek!

    7. When he was seemingly as obsessed with Jason as we are.


    Derek got so fed up with hearing about Jason that he tried to go for the old, dismissive "Jason, Jason, Jason." Except that he got stuck on infinite loop. Oops.

    8. When he revealed that some of his... parts... are missing.


    It's okay—Mindy was willing to work with it.

    9. When he acquired some new real estate.


    "I came here on purpose because this tree is my new house!"

    10. When he made this classy AF martini.

    NBC / Via

    He rarely gets it right, but we think he nailed it.

    11. And when he set aside that martini to get shirt done.


    Derek may not be human, but he does have one of the most admirable qualities a human can have: grit.

    12. When he cranked up his Derek-ness even harder.


    Wow, that's a lot of Derek. And we haven't even gotten to Derek's catch phrase yet—Derek! He's such a good Derek. We love you, pal.

    13. And when he said goodbye and, uh, sort of made sense?


    Bye Derek! We'll miss you.

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