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10 Of The Worst Curses, Swears And Insults In Irish/Gaeilge/Gaelic

The Irish Language is a very lyrical language and doesn't have exact translations for English-language curse words, so the Irish people have come up with some really creative ways to tell people to go f*ck themselves. PS - Yes Irish is a real language, and some people have pointed out that it sounds like Simlish.

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10. He Needs A Good Kick Up The Arse.


Written Cic Maith Sa Tóin Atá De Dlíth Air.

Pronounced Kick Mot Sa Thone (Throne without the R) a ta de Dlee (Glee with a D) Air.

Means He needs a good kick up the arse - used in Ireland to describe someone who needs to act in a way that is more pleasing to those around him.

Also described as 'he needs to cop on' or 'he needs to get a bit of sense'.

Moderately offensive thing to say about something. If offended, often the subject of this sentence will respond with #4.

9. Isn't She The Bitch?


Written Nach í An Bhitseach í?

Pronounced Knock E an Vit Shock E.

Means Isn't She The Bitch?

Used when you want to ask if someone is being a bitch - ie, when you want to call someone a bitch and attempt to disguise it as concern.

8. Don't Bullsh*t Me


Written Ná Bí Ag Iarraidh Cluain An Chacamais A Chur Orm.

Literally translates as 'Don't be wanting to put the sh*t of the bull on me', means 'Don't bullsh*t me'.

Pronounced 'Naaa Be Ag Eerie Cloon An Hawk-a-meesh a hurrr urm'.

7. D*ckhead


Written Cúl Tóna.

Pronounced Cool Tone aa.

Doesn't have a literal translation but means D*ckhead - an insult commonly used in Ireland to imply a man acts as if he has a penis on his head. Commonly means they're being arseholes. (Assholes, in American English.)

6. Slut


Written Ráicleach.

Pronounced Raaaaaak loch (think 'Loch' ness monster). Literally translated as a woman of questionable morals, means Slut, in American English.

Not to be confused with 'Strípeach', which literally means prostitute - a woman who sells sex.

There's no real term for 'shaming', you'd have to say 'Putting shame on', so slut shaming would be 'Ag cúir náire ar ráicleach' - putting shame on a woman of questionable morals.



Written 'Is cuma sa toll feisithe liomsa'.

Pronounced 'S coma (close enough) sa toll face-she-ha lum-sa.

Means ' I don't give a fuck '. For internet shortage (IDGAF) it would be ICSTFL in Irish.

4. Go F*ck Yourself Sideways


In Ireland, there are some fantasic (and very creative) ways to tell someone to 'Go F*ck Yourself' in Irish.

One is 'Go F*ck Yourself Sideways', which is written Gabh Transna Ort Fhéin - literally translated, it means 'Go Sideways on Yourself', as there is no official word for 'F*ck' in Irish. However, it is understood to mean 'Go F*ck Yourself Sideways' and is one of the stronger ways to tell someone to go f*ck themselves.

Pronounced as Gave (long a) Tras (Trash with no H) na orth (Worth without a W) Hayn. (Close enough)

The other is the (hilarious) Go Down On Yourself, which is written 'Gabh Síos Ort Fhéin' and pronounced Gave (with a long A) she-us urth hayn. This one is not as strong but it's much more native to the tongue, and very satisfying to say.

3. There's Nothing Worse Than A Standing Pr*ck


Written Níl Tada Níos Measa Na Bód Ina Seasamh.

Pronounced 'Neil Tod-ah Knees MASA (NASA with an M) na bud ina sh-ass-umh'.

Means 'There's nothing worse than a standing Pr*ck' - basically, calling someone an Erection. Normally directed at men and possibly the most insulting sentence you can say to or about someone - The more casually you say it, the more offensive it is.

2. C*nt


Written Aiteann . No literal translation but means 'C*nt' or Kaaaaaant, in Australian English.

Pronouned A-ch-own.

The 'boldest' singular term in Irish - Follows American English in that people get very offended if you call them this, unlike in Australian English where it's used as a term of endearment.

1. F*ck Off ... You Fat Arse


Written Téigh Dtí Diabhail, a thóin mór.

Pronounced Chay G G-wall, aa Hone (Home with an N) More.

Literally translated, it means 'Off with the Devil, big bum', but means 'F*ck Off You Fat Arse'.

You could just say 'F*ck Off' but sure, you might as well insult their weight while you're at it because the absolute worst thing you can say to an Irish woman, at least, is call her fat.

How To Curse/Swear in Irish (Gaeilge / Gaelic)

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