Smoke In Da Eye With a passion for all things barbecue and grilling, Clint is the Editor of and, pitmaster of Smoke in da Eye competition barbecue and grilling team, and winner of Travel Channel's "American Grilled." Clint was a...
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  • 5 Reasons Your BBQ Ribs Suck

    Who doesn’t love a great rack of low-and-slow smoked ribs; one that has been kissed with just the right amount of smoke, has moist and tender meat that pulls away from the bone cleanly with eat bite, and was sauced just prior to serving in order to avoid that awful burnt caramelized sugar coating. But reaching that perfect balance takes practice. To get you started on the road to smoked rib awesomeness, here are 5 Reasons Your BBQ Ribs Suck.

  • Perfect Grilled Burgers in 10 Simple Steps

    Ask anyone you know what he or she likes to grill and more often than not one of the top answers will be burgers. The problem is, many of these burgers end up being dry and flavorless due to any number of factors including the type of meat being used, the cooking temperature used, the amount of time they spend on the grill, etc. But worry no more with these 10 simple steps to burger perfection!

  • Smoked Chocolate Toffee With Sea Salt

    Over the past few years I have become known for my holiday toffee, making large numbers of batches for teachers, family and neighbors. This year I decided to turn up the heat on my traditional recipe, smoking the chocolate chips that would coat a number of different toffee flavors. By smoking the chocolate, I was able to bring a truly unique depth of flavor to the buttery toffee and wow everyone who was the recipient of a toffee gift box! Here’s the “how to” if you want to do something really special for the folks on your grift list this holiday season!

  • Tips For Cold Weather Grilling

    Cold weather is rushing across the country this week but that shouldn’t be an excuse to put your love of outdoor grilling in storage ‘til Spring. If anything, cold weather grilling has created some of my greatest cooking memories, from sub-degree pig roasts on New Year’s Eve to digging through 18 inches of snow in order to cook up some “date night” ribeyes. The key, however, is to understand the elements and adjust your cooking accordingly. I cook differently in the extreme heat (keep lots of cold beverages on hand, adult and otherwise), in torrential rain storms (have a change of clothes or several readily available), and in the cold…

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