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    5 Wonderfully Spooky Halloween Football Uniforms

    Halloween is the one time of year many people claim they can “be someone they are not.” In the world of athletic uniforms, we see this happen more and more lately, with so many alternate designs being worn by more teams. Many of the recent alternate uniforms have been designed and worn for specific reasons, dates, and matchups. In the spirit of the holiday, let’s take a look at the most memorable uniforms that were worn on Halloween.

    1. Houston Cougars

    Houston Athletics / Via

    In 2013, the Houston Cougars broke out for their Halloween night game against South Florida. The jersey and pants were black, but featured an area of a red (nearly orange) and black digi-camo pattern. The helmets were the same orange-red tint with a black UH decal and black facemask. The Cougars ended up winning their Thursday night game by a score of 35-23. Word is that Houston will be wearing alternate uniforms again this Halloween. It's not known if these will be a new design or if they'll recycle their two year old uniforms.

    2. Tennessee Volunteers

    Streeter Lecka / Via

    The traditionally orange and white Tennessee Volunteers surprised everyone in 2009 and ran out of the tunnel in new black jerseys, the first time they had done so since 1921. Then-head coach Lane Kiffin claimed that the new jerseys had an effect on the game, saying “I think it gave us some energy.” Tennessee defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks on Halloween night 31-13.

    3. Texas A&M


    Adidas has been at the head of the current alternate uniform fad, supplying multiple new designs for a myriad of teams. This season, the Aggies of Texas A&M are planning to wear a new all-black uniform, what is being dubbed the “Aggie Nights” uniforms. The most interesting thing about these uniforms is the helmet design, which features light reflective technology that completely changes the appearance of the helmet decal when light strikes it. Funny enough, these “Aggie Nights” uniforms won’t be seeing any night, as their Halloween game against South Carolina has been scheduled for an 11am kickoff.

    4. Oregon State

    Soobum Im / Via

    Whether on purpose or pure coincidence, the Oregon State Beavers were all in to the Halloween spirit back in 2009, when they wore their black and orange uniform combination against UCLA. The Beavers defeated the Bruins by a 26-19 score.

    5. Green Bay Packers

    Packers Uniforms / Via

    Alternate uniforms are nothing new to the world of football, and aren’t unique to the college ranks either. Throwback uniforms have been worn in the NFL for many years now. Back in 1994, the NFL was celebrating its 75th anniversary, and many teams got in the act to honor its uniform history. The Green Bay Packers chose 1937 as their designated season, and created a less-than-desired authentic representation, as they made some warranted modifications to the leather-helmet era uniforms. Halloween night in 1994 featured Packers offensive tackle Ken Ruettgers, showing off his now-famous Jack-O-Lantern decaled helmet.

    Clint Richardson is an Auburn University uniform writer and researcher. You can view his work on his website Auburn Uniform Database. You can also see more uniform news and discussions at, including a follow-up of this topic on Halloween.

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