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14 Things Every Girl Has In Their Handbag

It's not just a bag – it's a vault of secrets.

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But, let's face it, there are a selection of items that will no doubt be found across the handbag-board. Yes, we know about the purse, the keys and the mobile – we're talking about the permanent residents you'd rather keep concealed...

3. Endless scrunched-up receipts.

Instagram: @justinlevy

"I'm totally going to file it away when I get home. Definitely. Honestly. I promise."

5. Empty chewing gum packets.

Instagram: @nickymyrick503

"I swear I just bought a new pack..."

6. Rogue chewing gums.

Instagram: @nataliejvclark

RIP gum. You will be missed dearly.

11. Various lip-soothing products.


You can't find it, you buy another one. You find the old one, and now you have two. You'll repeat this cruel process until you are the proud owner of 58 lip balms.

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