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14 Things Every Girl Has In Their Handbag

It's not just a bag – it's a vault of secrets.

A woman's handbag is as personal to her as her DNA. Seriously, no two handbags are the same.

But, let's face it, there are a selection of items that will no doubt be found across the handbag-board. Yes, we know about the purse, the keys and the mobile – we're talking about the permanent residents you'd rather keep concealed...

1. Tangled headphones.

2. Countless hair ties.

3. Endless scrunched-up receipts.

4. The fob off your broken keyring you can't bear to throw away.

5. Empty chewing gum packets.

6. Rogue chewing gums.

7. An unused tampon that's been in there for all of eternity.

8. Your favourite lipstick.

9. Loyalty cards to every coffee shop in the nation.

10. Loose coppers that were just weighing your purse down.

11. Various lip-soothing products.

12. A pen that is no doubt about to explode in your bag.

13. All of the tissues.

14. So...much...glitter...

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