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Magical Hacks To Combat Life's More Unfortunate Moments

Panda eyes? Don't panic – we got you covered to make sure you're ready for anything.

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1. Problem: You've caught a 2am flight home but need to go straight to the office for that career-defining meeting.

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Let's not beat around the bush here – flights play havoc with our hair. We could've literally washed our tresses in the airport five minutes before boarding, yet upon arrival, total greasy mess.

What's the fix? Well, try using a nourishing hair oil and then tying your hair into two tight french braids. Not only is your hair out of your face throughout the duration of the flight, but when you land, your hair will be dry, nourished, and delightfully wavy.

2. Problem: You're hungover. And have to be somewhere. Help.

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Firstly – drink a big glass of water. You finished? Really? Good. Now, lather on lots of moisturiser. Do it.

Now, what you're going to need is some mascara, concealer, highlighter, and a cream blusher.

Spot-treat with the concealer under your eyes, around your nose, and all areas of blotchiness. Then on top of this, add the highlighter to brighten your face. Use a cream blush on the apples of your cheek – try to avoid using powdered blush because it will just sit on top of your already-dry skin.

Finish with a couple licks of mascara to open up your eyes. If things are still a bit desperate, a strong lip will distract from anything else going on. Trust us.

3. Problem: You've had a big old cry, your makeup is straight-up ruined, and you've got to meet your in-laws for dinner.

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If your mascara has created an entire river system flowing across the plains of your cheeks, don't reach for the tissues and start wiping. That will spread the mess farther and increase redness, which is massively counterproductive. Instead, dip cotton buds in makeup remover and gently dab away.

4. Problem: You went out last night and just know that you are going to sleep through your alarm and have no time to sort out your life in the morning.

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At least you've accepted your fate and are allowing yourself time to plan in advance. We applaud you.

Applying dry shampoo the night before soaks up any excess oil your scalp was planning on producing overnight, and the tossing and turning not only works in the powdery residue, but also helps with adding volume. Result.

5. Problem: You're about to go on a seriously hot date, but lo and behold, the spot of the century has taken up residence on your face.

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After you've avoided that temptation, it's time to get to work. Makeup artist Nancy Glass suggests putting a thin layer of concealer onto a concealer brush, pressing the bristle on top of the pimple and then twisting the brush to get into every nook.

Blend the edges of the concealer around the spot by using your finger, and then apply foundation as usual, all the way up to the pimple's perimeter.

Finally, dip a clean finger into a loose powder that matches your skin, and lightly tap the concealer over the spot.

Spot? What spot?

6. Problem: You got caught in a storm on your way to a giving an extremely important presentation you've been working on for months.

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Pandas are cute and cuddly, which is great for them, really it is – but unfortunately, that's not the look you were going for this morning.

With any clear lip balm, use a cotton bud or your finger to get rid of the old panda eyes, and then apply your usual eyeliner over the top. So simple yet so life-savingly effective.

7. Problem: You got about five minutes sleep last night and you've got that interview for your dream job in, what, half an hour?

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DON'T PANIC! Fear not – we got you. A dash of eye drops will help to soothe the redness, while a navy blue eyeliner on your lower waterline will help to counteract the angry red colour.

8. Problem: You decided to binge-watch your favourite TV show till 4am last night, you're beyond exhausted, and you're supposed to go out tonight after work.

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Damn television, why, in all of your engaging and entertaining sorcery, have you forsaken us so?

If your eyes are so puffy that it looks like you downed a kilo of salt, there is a fast fix: ice. Wrap some ice cubes in paper towels and apply under the eyes. If you are in a no-ice zone, running your fingers under cold water and gently pressing in the same area should do the trick.

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