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    15 Throwback Aussie Actors You Definitely Lusted Over As A Kid

    The thirst is still strong TBH.

    1. Ryan Corr (Sheng Zamett on Silversun)

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Nothing sounded more enticing than being trapped on a spaceship for a couple of decades with the likes of Sheng and his freshly-gelled spikes.

    2. Ben Thomas (Pete Twist on Round The Twist)

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Strange things happened when you watched Round The Twist... and that included the feeling in your soul when you saw Pete.

    3. Elliot Spencer (Rollercoaster)

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Elliot Spencer was kinda nerdy, but you dug that vibe. Plus he hosted Rollercoaster, which had all your favourite cartoons plus that catchy theme song you liked.

    4. Adam Saunders (Heath Carrol on Blue Water High)


    Every guy in Blue Water High was kinda thirst worthy TBH, but Heath was different... I mean look at that puppy dog smile. No joke, you actually got jealous when his character started dating Fly.

    5. Nick Hardcastle (Creature Features)

    ABC / Via

    Animals, tick. Cute dreamy guy, tick. Annoying side bae/cat, major no-no. But you powered through it just so you could watch Nick teach you a thing or two about creatures and their features.

    6. Jack Blumenau (Noah on Noah And Saskia)

    ACTF / Via

    Watching this show made you want to go on your own mission to find a cute Internet boyfriend like Noah, but then your mum found out and banned you from the computer (laaaaame, ugh).

    7. Brett Tucker (Max Regnery on The Saddle Club)

    ABC / Via

    He was the older guy you weren't supposed to be crushing on, but you always dreamed of one day finding someone as caring and as dreamy as Max was.

    8. James O'Mea (Red O'Malley on The Saddle Club)


    No one could calm a spooked horse or nurse it back to good health like Red could. Plus you bet he had some pretty good muscles from cleaning out the stables all the time.

    9. Angus McLaren (Lewis McCartney on H20: Just Add Water)

    Network Ten

    He was talented, smart, and ALWAYS helped the H20 girls keep their secret. And yes, you may or may not have cried when he left the show in Season 3.

    10. James Tobin (Go Go Stop)

    Seven Network

    You didn't race home from school just to watch the other schools compete on Go Go Stop. Watching James Tobin, with that ~edgy~ haircut, was an added bonus.

    11. Joshua Marshall Clark (Ben Johnson on Parallax)


    You didn't so much as want to date Ben (Joshua Marshall Clark), but just kinda follow him around to explore all the different worlds. Wait, was young you trying to friendzone Ben? Hm.

    12. Callan Mulvey (Drazic on Heartbreak High)


    Drazic was bad... he was a baaaaaaaaad boy, and you secretly loved that. Plus that eyebrow ring gave you slight tingles.

    13. James Pearson (Simon Tudor on Jeopardy)

    BBC / Via

    Okay, technically James Pearson is a British actor in an Australian TV show, but that's beside the point, because you were always rooting for Simon (even when he went kinda crazy and started "seeing" Mr Simmons and Melissa).

    14. Jack Yabsley (Saturday Disney)

    Vimeo / Via

    Waking up early every Saturday Morning wasn't so difficult when you got to see your fav Saturday Disney presenter take part in segments like this.

    15. And Scott Tweedie (Prank Patrol)

    ABC / Via

    Every episode of Prank Patrol had you crossing your fingers, toes, and anything else in the hope that Scott Tweedie would one day prank and then magically ask you out on a date afterwards.

    Bravo / Via

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