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30 Signs You Grew Up In Sacramento, CA

There is a whole lot more to being raised here than being in the Capitol.

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1. In elementary school you took a field trip to Sutter's Fort and dressed as pioneers

Via Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

2. You also spent a lot of time as a kid at the Train Museum

3. You were so excited when your parents took you here for the day!

4. You have plenty of memories of running around McKinley Park as a kid (before it burned down and was rebuilt)

5. This was the BEST place to have a birthday party!

Via A. Sargis

6. You know/were someone each year in Sacramento Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker

7. Depending on where you lived you either thought Burr's was the best spot for Ice Cream (East Sac)

Or Vic's (Land Park)

Or Gunther's (Curtis Park)

8. When in fact the best spot for desserts was Rick's Dessert Diner (Mid-Town)

9. You've taken several tours of the Capitol building and know/are a parent who works there

Via Thomas W. Toolan

10. You believe that the Sacramento Kings will rise again and relive the glory days of the 90s

11. You've been to the Downtown IMAX theater for both school and for fun!

12. The Downtown Plaza is now the sketchiest mall you know


13. While Arden Fair Mall has turned into the swankiest mall in town

14. The architecture of the pyramid building has never made any sense to you

15. Even if you didn't go to either Christian Brothers or Jesuit, Holy Bowl was still the biggest game of the year!

16. You've always been able to tell why Sacramento is nick-named The City of Trees!

17. You know from experience how much concerts suck in Arco (excuse me) SleepTrain Arena

18. You've also learned from experience to avoid Midtown on Second Saturday unless you love watching drunks

Via Eric Fredericks of

19. You know what the BEST burger in town is! Long live the cheese skirt!

Via Bill Binns

20. You're proud to say that the Kings will forever more be from Sacramento!

Via Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

21. You either love going or have never gone Rivercats games

22. Memorial Auditorium will always remind you of your walk across stage to recieve your High School Diploma

23. You know the best spot to spend 4th of July, go Trick-or-Treeting and look at Christmas lights is the Fab Forties!

Via Jay Canter

24. You only go to Old Sac when relatives are in town and you need something to do


25. If you enjoy theater than you make sure to come out for Broadway Sacramento at the Community Center theater each year

26. You learned long ago that the best thing about Sac State is that Tom freakin' Hanks is an alumni!

27. The best spot to check out indie/foreign films is Tower Theater!

Via Ken Osborn

28. You always say you hate the State Fair yet you return year after year anyway

Via Cal Expo

29. Hands down best Fro-Yo in Town: Big Spoon Yogurt (preferably the original East Sac location)


30. The new giant bunny at Terminal 2 of the Sacramento Airport will never make sense to you

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