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7 Tips to Prevent Overeating this Thanksgiving

#Thankful for fitting into my pants.

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1. Drink two full glasses of water before eating


Drinking water before eating allows your stomach to feel fuller earlier. It takes a full 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re full so this gives it a chance to catch up to your mouth.

2. Use smaller utensils

If you have the opportunity to switch out the larger serving spoons for smaller tablespoons, do it. This will trick your brain into thinking it's getting more food than it really is.

3. Eat off of a blue plate.


Blue has been shown to be an appetite suppressant. Since it is very rare in nature to find blue food, our brain tends to not want to eat anything blue. It has even been suggested to dye your food blue to reduce overeating. So if you really want to do it to it dye your turkey blue. Otherwise I’d suggest just eating off of something blue.

4. Carbs come last.


There is some debate as to whether you should eat the turkey or the green beans first but in either scenario the rolls are last. Eating your protein first helps to maintain consistent blood sugar levels and keeps you satisfied longer. Eating vegetables first slows the transport of sugars and aids in slowing down the digestive process overall. Sorry Pillsbury.

5. Wine > Everything Else


When it comes to alcoholic drinking that is. Red is slightly better than white but both are better than anything else. Always drink in moderation and don’t start drinking until after you’ve had your water!

6. Deep Fried Turkey


Roasted is always better than fried but if you’re going to fry it fry it right. Fry it in oil that has a high smoke point like peanut or canola oil and make sure the temperature of the oil is between 350 and 375. If it goes below 325, the turkey is going to soak up all that oil.

7. Lastly... desserts


If you’re going to indulge in desserts know what you are getting in to. Desserts are mostly simple sugars that can cause a spike in blood sugar and then leave you feeling hungrier than you were before. When comparing the classics, pumpkin pie is better for you than pecan. If your family has tried something adventurous this year and you are unsure of calorie content make sure you maintain small portion sizes.

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