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    14 Valentines So Honest They're Right For 2017

    It's a strange year so far folks, so thank God someone made these cards to cut through the crazy and get to what we really mean. The truth ain't always romantic, but sure can be hot.

    1. Love has no borders.....we hope....

    LoversTrumpHate at

    2. For the SO that won't shut up about Paleo.

    PersonalPaperHugs at

    3. Awwww.....I think?

    Vagentines at

    4. For those fighting against their millennial impulses*

    BeyGoodCo at

    5. Too much screen time? Go full 3D.

    LovePop at

    6. I Heart Demogorgans.


    7. We've all been there.

    Darlinpress at

    8. Who Needs 'Em Anyway.

    BettieConfetti at

    9. Dat booty doe.

    Postable at

    10. ....and they're back....

    KnottyCards at

    11. Is it embarrassing I just figured out Dope comes from the word Dope....?

    TurtlesSoup at

    12. Refreshingly direct.

    April Day Designs

    13. Painfully direct.

    SiouxAlice at

    14. Phew, glad we cleared that up.

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