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15 Reasons Game Of Thrones Is Basically About Your Dad

At the end of the day, the men of Westeros and Essos are just allegoric representations of your average family man, just trying to raise kids, put dinner on the table and conquer new kingdoms in the bloodiest way possible.

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1. Your education is his top priority.

2. He settles up when it's his turn to buy beer.

3. He totally believes you were home by curfew last night.

4. Sometimes he questions parenthood.


He's only human.

5. He's a smart guy, but he occasionally states the obvious.

6. ... more than occasionally.


(DAD. We get it.)

7. And more often than not, the technology he loves turns on him.

8. The dude does know the number one way to Mom's heart: painting his chest.


Number two? Getting her a horse to match her hair.

9. He wants you to feel good about yourself.


And not scared of him. At all.

10. And he cares about your feelings, especially your body image issues.

11. He's just being honest.


Read the love in between the lines.

12. And he can THROW DOWN for the good of the family.

13. So keep your cool, and don't let him see you make this face.


You'll be FINE.

14. Because he's not big on corporal punishment - except OMG, JOFFREY.


I think we'd all make an exception.

15. But in all seriousness, the dude is wise beyond his years.


Soak it up. That's why we love him.

Now that we've proved that your dad is basically a king in a parallel medieval world, go ahead and send him a free card with the Cleverbug app. All you need to do is download, register, personalize the card and send - wherever Dad is in the world - Westeros to Essos - all from the palm of your hand.

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