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    16 Spring-Cleaning And Organizing Tips

    Spring has SPRUNG in Canada!

    Now that the sun is shining and we Canadians can put away our winter coats, it's time for some spring cleaning!

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    Enter Shelley Malik of Merchandised Maison, a KonMari certified professional organizer extraordinaire. Shelley knows a thing or two about getting your space organized, but also making it visually beautiful. Here are her top tips:

    1. Decide your vibe.

    2. Start small.

    3. Invest in a step ladder.

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    Hear me out, because I know this sounds weird. If you live in a small space this will help you make the most of your vertical space, which frees up a lot of room.

    4. Plan your purge.

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    There’s nothing worse than being stuck with all the stuff you’re trying to declutter from your home. Since lockdown has struck, a lot of donation centres and bins are closed, so check ahead before you purge your place and end up having to store it all somewhere else.

    5. Don’t skip the re-sell.

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    If you’ve never used FB Marketplace, you’re missing out. You can sell so much stuff there and for good money too. If you have designer stuff, Poshmark or local consignment stores are also a great option.

    6. Clear the area.

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    Always clear everything from the space as step one of organizing — trust me, it will make it way easier and less overwhelming.

    7. Categorize everything... literally everything.

    8. Curate the contents.

    9. Organize it.

    10. Set up your spaces for different season.

    11. Quit over-buying products.

    12. Set up your kitchen to make meal prep easier.

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    If you are a chef at heart, set up your kitchen to make meal prep easier by keeping spices and oils, pots and pans, and cooking utensils nearby the stove. Even if you’re not, your kitchen needs to be set up to match your lifestyle. A handy-dandy non negotiable rule: Only keep food storage pieces that have matching lids!

    13. Sort and toss your bathroom products.

    14. Keep your everyday clothing easy to access in your closet.

    Clueless/ Paramount Pictures

    We all know that the “new normal” means that soft pants and hoodies are our workwear for the foreseeable future. So, take the pieces that are part of our new normal wardrobes and make them the most accessible in our closets. *sigh* me heels will get worn again one day… right?

    15. Follow the 3 C’s.

    16. Make sure your work from home setup if full of natural light.

    Beach Bum The Movie / Neon / Via giphy

    Since we’re stuck inside for the foreseeable future, our WFH spaces follow all the same rules as above. But make sure your space has as much natural light as possible for two reasons:

    1. You’ll look like a BABE on your zoom calls (make sure you’re lit front, never behind).

    2. Our days are short y’all, we need that vitamin D.

    Do you have any "need to know" spring cleaning tips and tricks?

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