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Facebook Copies Instagram, After Instagram Copies Snapchat

Seeing double? Triple? What's the story behind the stories feature?

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Recently, Facebook has announced a new feature on their messages app; one that allows you to share multiple photos and videos that only stay around temporarily, for 24 hours to be exact. Sound familiar?

But most people would associate this feature, with SnapChat - the app that introduced this temporary photo-sharing concept.

snapchat / Via snapchat-marieclaire

SnapChat when launched in 2011, originally only let photos appear for up to a minute, but then introduced the 24 hour aspect with "SnapChat : My Story" in 2013.

When investigating on my topic, few actual news sources seemed to notice the same things that I did when it comes to social media apps copying each other.

Though in one article - Social Talent Medias, companies that run the social media accounts of celebrities for them, told TechCrunch that they had stopped using Snapchat once they saw through their analytics that their number of views were going down.

"Marketers are dedicating more resources to Instagram because you can't grow on Snapchat. Now there's a lot of campaigns we don't even need to do on Snapchat." they say.

"The only way to grow is from [cross-promoting on] YouTube or Instagram. Snapchat is making some of the same mistakes as Vine. They aren't embracing creators."

Overall they believe Instagram is "more convenient" as both photos and video stories can be shared in the same place.

However, this isn't the first feature that social media apps have "borrowed" from each other


In 2013, a battle between Instagram and Vine occured when Instagram started allowing people to share short videos on their app, which is what Vine was known for.

We could travel even further back in time to 2009, when Facebook officially overpowered MySpace - which led to the latter's demise.

google images

A meme featuring Tom, creator of MySpace. He was the first "friend" to anyone on MySpace who created an account.

At one point in time, MySpace was the most visited website in the world - ahead of both Google and Yahoo.

As mentioned in an article by Digital Trends, in which they interviewed the former CEO of Myspace Mike Jones.

Jones stated that "Facebook "perfected" the social networking concept, whereas MySpace just introduced people to it."

Could this have also been the reason why Vine disappeared?

Twitter, the owner of Vine, were vague in their official statement when it came to the question of why exactly the app was being shut down - but it would be wrong to assume that Instagram introducing video to its app shortly prior to this announcement was merely a coincidence.

As a person who used both Vine and Instagram, I was reluctant to use Instagram's new feature when it came out.

As I was very attached to Vine! But the truth of the matter, I learned once I finally gave Instagram's video a shot, is that is really did "perfect what was previously created."

* A vine video was limited to six seconds, whereas the debut of Instagram video allowed 15 seconds of footage - and now up to 30 seconds

* Instagram offered a wider variety of filters for their videos, as well as more editing tools such as cropping

* With Vine - making a video basically had to be one take - the user would have to reshoot the whole video if they screwed up

* Instagram had the option to upload a previously recorded video from camera roll, which made things easier as there's not as much pressure when it comes to getting the desired video results of a user

But in the end, it seems to be a battle between all social media apps to see who can keep up with the times and trends of the users.

The battle is more so of who can keep up with the trends than, who actually started the trend.

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