10 Discontinued 2000s Foods That Need To Come Back, Like, Now

    How we wish we could go back to these good ole days.

    1. Trix Yogurt

    trix yogurt pack with six plastic yogurt cups and the animated bunny on the top, smiling with teeth showing and eyes wide, brows raised

    2. Kellogg’s Yogos

    drawings of yogos sour bits boxes

    3. Altoid Citrus Sours

    altoids round tin that says "mango sours" on it

    4. Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks

    aluminum-plastic bag of scooby doo fruit snacks, with the scooby doo gang on it

    5. Hi-C Ecto Cooler

    a can and juice box of hi-c ecto cooler which has images of slime and oranges on them

    6. Kudos Granola Bars

    box of kudos featuring an image of the logo and three granola bars drizzled with chocolate

    7. Froot Loops Cereal Straws

    box of froot loops cereal straws featuring an animated toucan holding a cup of milk with a straw made of cereal portruding from it

    8. Gripz

    box of gripz featuring three aluminum-plastic bags, one with mini chocolate chips, the other cheez-its, and the other graham crackers

    9. Fruit Roll-Ups Stackerz

    box of fruit roll ups stackers, with the logo on it and dripping goo between each letter

    10. And Doritos 3D

    two bags of aluminum-plastic material, one says 3d crunch chili cheese nacho and the other says crunch spicy ranch