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12 Reasons Gym Class Was Actually Torture

Ugh. Clearasil Ultra can't make gym class better, but it can start to fix any breakout in a snap.

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1. You were at the mercy of a higher power.

The Breakfast Club / Universal Pictures / Via

"Team captains."

2. You were punished for things outside of your control.


3. It felt like the gym teacher was out to get you.

Supernatural / The CW / Via

He wasn't, but still.

4. If you were unlucky enough to go to a school with gym uniforms...

...enough said.

5. People kind of expected you just to KNOW how the games work.

"Teach me your ways!"

6. While you struggled with basic motor skills...

7. ...some kid in your class was being recruited for the pros.

How does someone even get that much better?

8. You thought the sports were going to be like this:

9. But because of limited budget and equipment, they looked more like this:

10. Minor injuries were expected.

11. "Muscle building" was code for "intentionally impossible."

She's The Man / DreamWorks SKG / Via

12. And as soon as you started to get good, the period was over.

Deuces, P.E.