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15 Times Of Course You Got A Zit

Because OBVIOUSLY. But use Clean & Clear, and you might just be able to sidestep these disasters.

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1. The one and only time you were on TV.


You know, the local news clip that your mom has already shared with everyone on Facebook.

2. The day you get your driver's license photo.

You're all smiley before you see the picture... and then you realize that you'll be showing off that zit for a decade.

3. The morning of your homecoming dance — the dance you're already a nervous wreck about.


There's no corsage big enough.

4. The day of a performance that you've prepared for all year.

Lifetime / Via

And then BAM.

5. The day your teacher asks you to stand in front of everyone and give a presentation for no apparent reason.

CollegeHumor / Very Mary-Kate / Via

And you're like, "Yeah, today's a GREAT day to put me on display."

6. When you see distant family for the first time in a long time and they analyze every last detail of you.

Schneider's Bakery / Nickelodeon Productions / Via

"My how you've grown up!"

7. Your bar mitzvah, your quinceañera, your confirmation, or any other celebration that's only about YOU.

Becoming a man never looked so... zit.
Emilio Labrador / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 3059349393

Becoming a man never looked so... zit.

8. The first day of vacation during which no one else seems to have a care in the world.


Maybe you could wear a big hat?

9. When you finally get the nerve to talk to your big crush.


Some things are best left to text message.

10. The night you're expecting that big kiss.


Always remember — eyes closed.

11. The morning of a big job interview.

VH1 / Via

If only you could apply AND interview online.

12. Senior photo day.

Apatow Productions / Freaks and Geeks / Via

At least you could go to college out of state.

13. The day you meet the celebrity of your dreams.

Harpo / Via

If you didn't have that zit, the two of you would be married by now!

14. The last day of the school year when everyone is celebrating and taking pictures.


Good thing everyone has something to remember you by!

15. When you're the center of everyone's Facebook feed.

New Line Cinema / Via

Front. Page. News.