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The 16 Types Of Girlfriends You'll Make This School Year

Friends make the world go round. They also make the school year way more fun. Of all the girlfriends you'll have this year, only the best ones will encourage you to be the real you. Just like Clean & Clear.

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1. The competitive-but-in-a-friendly-way one:

You always end up laughing after one of you cheats.

2. The one who loves to gossip as much as you do:


Because somebody's got to know everything, right?

3. The genius who's always correcting you:

Deep down, you kind of appreciate it.

4. The one who will help you manage crush drama:

5. The one with whom you never have to write full sentences:

A. Nyst

6. The one who makes you laugh until you collapse:

7. The one who always tells you the truth, even when it hurts:

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8. The one who will break you out of your shell:

We all need a little encouragement, and this friend is yours.

9. The Snapchat queen: / Via


10. The sporty one who pushes you to run the eight-minute mile:

She's a motivational master.

11. The one who took all the notes in class so you didn’t have to:

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12. The one you have all the inside jokes with:

13. The one who’s always down for a good night out: / Via


14. The one you know you can always do stupid things with:

15. The one you don’t see that often, but with whom you always pick up where you left off:

16. And of course, the BFF:

The one you can trust through thick and thin — she's your boo.
Manannan Images / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 125402076@N03

The one you can trust through thick and thin — she's your boo.