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21 Signs You Definitely Grew Up Dancing

Dancing helped you express yourself then — let the CLEAN & CLEAR® brand help you show the real you, always.

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4. You had an entire drawer dedicated to nude tights.

HowCanIRecycleThis (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: recyclethis

And you remember the stress of trying to find the ones without any runs in them when you were rushing out the door.

8. You’ve freaked out at a friend for touching a competition costume you had hanging up.

Andy Crawford / Getty Images

"That thing cost my parents a small fortune... Hands OFF."

9. But old dance costumes were always awesome for Halloween!

They were already hanging in the back of the closet and definitely cooler than anything that came in a bag.

13. Your drawers/counters/night tables/bags just don't feel complete without random bobby pins around.

Thinkstock / Robert Decelis Ltd. / Via

And you wonder how many hours of your life you've spent putting them in and taking them out of your hair...

14. You were always the boss when it came to creating sleepover/playdate dance routines.

Courtesy of Emily Steele

"OK, girls, let's take it from 'Walk walk, fashion baby.' No, you can't break for water!"

18. You haven't been thrilled by many things more than when you graduated from flat tap shoes to heels.

Nikki Vassallo / Fuse / Getty Images

Same goes for your first pair of pointe shoes.

21. And you’re a baller at makeup now…because you’ve been wearing it since you were a baby.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

And you upped your skincare game early by having to wash all of that stuff off completely.

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