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13 Reasons You Are Your Own #GirlCrush

Confidence starts with loving yourself, and loving yourself starts with crushing on yourself. Find the courage to be your real self with the CLEAN & CLEAR® brand.

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2. You are the only person with your laugh (and your smile!). / Via

No matter where you are in the world, your personality is translated with a smile. Whether you've got a high-pitched giggle or a hearty belly chuckle, your laugh is one of your most natural charms.

3. You have a wacky sense of humor, and it's totally awesome.

Jess Mendes / courtesy of Nikki Jackson

Even if you're not the class clown, you've got your own kind of humor that those closest to you get a major kick out of. This is your life: LOL all you want.

4. You ooze confidence, even on your bad days.

Sigma III Corp. / Via

You know that confidence is really just choosing to have a positive perspective about yourself; no matter how crappy things get, you know that they can't stay crappy forever if you don't allow it.

5. Your look is always flawless.

BuzzFeed Violet /

Whether you're dolled up or facing the world literally five minutes after getting out of bed, any look is on point when you choose to see it that way. Show off that perfect skin!

8. You are a great listener and give the ~best~ advice to your friends. / Via

You attract the kinds of people whose energy matches the energy you give off — awesome friends are pretty much confirmation that you're awesome.

9. You have an inner rock star who knows how to rock life!

Rabid Records / Via

Maybe she isn't let out on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, but she's in there, and she is the voice telling you to go for it, to think for yourself, and to speak your voice. Best part is? She's you.

12. You're not afraid of a no-makeup selfie.

BuzzFeed Violet /

Makeup is an awesome tool of customization and expression, but you know you also emit radiance au naturale — it's all in the confidence (OK, and maybe an amazing pose).

13. Basically, you're fabulous!

It's so easy to zero in on so-called flaws, but when you focus more on the things you already are that make you crushable, you'll notice how easy it is to turn a perceived flaw into something fabulous. ✨

See the real you, rock the real you, love the real you with the CLEAN & CLEAR® brand! Tell us why you're your own #GirlCrush @Cleanandclear on Twitter!

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